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        R & D, Processing and Manufacturing
        The Haikou FTZ attracts high-tech and high value processing projects, such as new energy sources and materials, to promote the transformation and upgrading of product processing and to extend domestic supply, production and logistics chains from R&D through to processing, design, fabrication and assembly of core components and finished products distribution.
        Service Industry
        Taking advantage of Hainan’s service industry pilot project, put forward by central government, Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone actively promotes the service industry and has attracted projects in such fields as arts and culture, international finance, R&D, inspection and maintenance, consultancy services, etc.
        Bulk Commodity Warehousing & Trade
        From the outset, Haikou FTZ has been Hainan’s most important bulk commodity trading centre utilised by top corporates including CEFC and Hainan Dayin Group, whose businesses include oil, rubber and other commodities trade, distribution and settlements.
        International Commodity Direct Sales
        Haikou FTZ is able to leverage its preferential taxation and regulatory policies and comprehensive business assistance functions and facilities to create an international goods exchange, warehousing and distribution centre, integrating all aspects of international business, logistics, information, capital and sales channels.
        Diamond & Jewellery Industrial Park
        Taking its lead from the success of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange, Haikou FTZ has established the Hainan diamond and jewellery industry base. Through its ‘bonded to duty-free’ policy, duty-free shops and e-commerce channels, it forms an industrial chain of diamond and jewellery processing, display and sales.
        Vehicle Importation Business
        Developing the Haikou Harbour vehicle importation port as an imported car and associated services distribution point through the Beibu Gulf by advancing associated businesses such as imported autos credit letters, auto finance, imported auto parts supply and imported car customer service in parallel with vehicle imports.
        Financial Services Platform
        Making full use of a functional policy to expand the finance leasing business, and taking an already established and successful aircraft leasing business at the FTZ as a template to further develop an innovative financing platform, the FTZ supports the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island and the development of the South China Sea. Through this initial gateway, other relevant financial leasing businesses, such as in sophisticated medical equipment, flight simulators, marine fishery, marine equipment and oil and gas exploration equipment and facilities will be catered for. Future financial services will include banking, foreign exchange settlement and offshore finance set-up within the Haikou FTZ.
        Global E-commerce Pilot Zone
        Taking advantage of the exponential growth in e-commerce currently experienced in China and worldwide, Haikou FTZ incorporates the construction of a global e-commerce integrated park, with an industrial layout covering the park construction and management, services for e-commerce operations and logistics management.
        Harbour and Airport Sectors
        Being an important part of the future development of Haikou FTZ, Meilan Airport Integrated Free Trade Zone based at Meilan International Airport will actively promote aviation and air transport related industries, including aircraft maintenance, training, airport logistics, high value manufacturing, R&D, trade fairs and modern service industries. Concurrently, the completion of Macun Harbour will mirror this development in the maritime transport industry.
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