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        Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone (HKIFTZ) provides the highest degree of open access to attractive and preferential policies and business incentives for both foreign and domestic enterprise. Running as a Pilot FTZ, it is a power house of Hainan’s increasing connection with the global economy.
        Designed to both attract and facilitate businesses from home and abroad, the Zone provides an invaluable ‘one-stop shop’ combining all necessary official and regulatory organs and functions on-site, which both streamlines and accelerates process and provides notable overall cost benefits in terms of both time and effort and through a raft of tax incentives, customs duties exemptions, bonded logistics and processing (with direct bonded to duty-free sales channels) and other financial support for enterprises established, or wishing to become established, within the FTZ.
        The heart of the Zone is the Administrative Committee, which is responsible for running the Zone, communicating with businesses, planning and development, introducing innovative new policies and coordinating the various other official organs on-site: Customs, Inspections and Quarantine, Business Registration, Taxation and Police, each of which has wide-ranging preferential policies uniquely available within the Zone, enacted to assist and enable international trade.
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